Treasuring A Memory


Commissioning a detailed pencil drawing or beautiful watercolour painting is the perfect way to preserve the memory and bring to life the personality of a beloved animal companion, treasured childhood memory or the joy of a special occasion. 
Each piece of artwork I create is unique to you and is guaranteed to lift the spirits with the memory of what I've captured every time you see it hanging in your home.  Commissions make thoughtful gifts to celebrate special birthdays, weddings, Christmas and anniversaries and will instantly become family treasures you’ll want to keep for generations. 



I find that pencil work lends itself best to creating detailed pet and animal portraits.  Using a sharp pencil allows me to precisely capture your pet’s character.  With pencil I can replicate the fine detail of fur and expressive eyes bringing out the true spirit and character of my subject.  I generally draw on cartridge paper with a 2B pencil.  Once completed, I take great care with the final positioning of your drawing within the frame creating a beautiful, unique and contemporary piece.


"Mum and Dad absolutely LOVE the picture of their dog.
In fact mum sounded quite emotional!"


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Watercolour is a much looser finish, with softer edges the end result captures the charm and essence of a beloved ‘favourite thing’.  The most popular pieces I receive commissions for include children’s favourite toys, first ballet shoes, musical instruments, and vintage cars.  I generally use tubed watercolour with unipen fineliner on course cold press paper for a beautiful finish.  All completed pieces are beautifully positioned within the frames.


"Wow! you have really captured my daughters favourite toy.
So glad we went with watercolour!"


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