Commissioning a detailed pencil drawing or beautiful watercolour painting is the perfect way to preserve the memory and bring to life the personality of beloved animal companion, treasured childhood memory or the joy of a special occasion. 
Each piece of artwork I create is unique to you and is guaranteed to lift the spirits with the memory of what you’ve captured every time you see it hanging in your home. Commissions make thoughtful gifts to celebrate special birthdays, weddings, Christmas and anniversaries and will instantly become family treasures you’ll want to keep for generations. 






My pencil work is dedicated to capturing the special love we have for our pets and animals. I draw the subject as the main focus with plenty of white space.   With a fabulous sharp pencil I am able to replicate the fine detail of fur, feather, skin and eyes enhancing the true spirit and character of my subject.  I generally draw on cartridge paper with a 2B pencil.  Then it is all about the positioning of the drawing within the frame that leads to a truly unique and contemporary piece. 




My watercolour work is a much freer appearance, with the paint dictating the finish of the subject. This method is perfect for displaying our love of our ‘favourite things’, the special memorable items we are passionate about but may not always be able to have on display or be immediately accessible.  I have completed such items as children’s toys, ballet shoes, musical instruments, cars.  I use tubed watercolour with a Unipen Fineliner on course cold press paper.  And as with my pencil portraits, I will position and frame the watercolour artwork for a beautiful finish. 

​Not sure which finish you would like?  Then let's arrange a time to chat


Whether you are having a pencil portrait or a watercolour commission the prices are the same.


Price is dependent on size of the final drawing:


NEW! TINY LOCKET FRAME (drawing 5cm x 5cm):  £60.00 
(see photo at end of page)

10% OFF throughout November - NOW £54.00


SMALL (drawing approx A5 size):  £130.00  
10% OFF throughout November - NOW £117.00


MEDIUM (drawing approx A4 size):  £180.00  
10% OFF throughout November - NOW £162.00


LARGE (drawing approx A3 size):  £300.00  
10% OFF throughout November - NOW £270.00


Please note should the subject be a detailed complex matter then there will be an increase in price and I will quote accordingly.


These prices include framing but postage and packaging is extra and will be quoted on an individual basis.


Here is a list of the final frame sizes for hanging - rectangle or square option will be advised and determined by the subject:



  • Square 5cm x 5cm locket frame with ribbon.  Please see photo see photo at end of page.



  • Rectangle: 20 x 15cm
  • Square: 20 x 20cm



  • Rectangle: 36 x 28cm
  • Square: 30 x 30cm



  • Rectangle: 51 x 40cm
  • Square: 40 x 40cm


A 50% deposit is required ahead of any commission for which I can supply BACs details. Final payment is required on receipt of your commission.



If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to email me on to discuss your requirements.


at end of 



Once you’ve decided what you’d like to commission we will discuss the subject matter in more detail so I really understand its meaning and/or personality.  I will then get to work from using photographs that you supply.  


Please send your high resolution photo to, you are welcome to forward a number of photos and I can help you choose a final one.


Tips on good photography:

  • Outside light will give the best definition
  • Be careful not to cut off the most extreme points, like ears and tails!
  • Hold your breath as you take the photo to minimise movement
  • Use various items behind toys to prop them up and balance them
  • When taking a photo of an animal the photo is often better getting down to their level rather than from above
  • Have an extra person to help when taking photos of animals.


If you are not in a position to get a good photo of your subject please email through what you have.


Once we have decided on the final photo you will be added to my client list - it is generally around a 3-4 week wait, so please make me aware if your commission is needed for a specific date.


Each commission takes in the region of upwards of 15 hours to complete.


When I am about to make a start I will request a 50% deposit transferable via BACs.

I will then keep you informed of progress.  Please allow a two week turnaround.  






Yes each drawing will be mounted and framed and labelled on the reverse.  I have a selection of beautiful contemporary frames in black, grey and white.  We can discuss the final frame size and dimension upon receipt of your photo.  


Should you wish your artwork to be unframed so you can organise framing yourself then I can supply your art in just a mount.




NEW!  Tiny 5cm x 5cm locket frame with ribbon.

I have a limited supply of these gorgeous little frames, so don't delay.

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