Like so many people, life is busy and demanding and in this ever changing, fast paced world, I like nothing better than losing myself in art.  Art is my escapism; it is where I find complete solace, peace and calm.  When so much around us is electronic and digital, there is nothing better than picking up a pencil or paintbrush and getting creative.   The end result showing its little perfections and imperfections can be so fascinating.


I am a self-taught artist, and felt comfortable experimenting and drawing in pencil.  My first pencil portraits were drawn as gifts for friends and family when I was pregnant - a time when I didn't have much spare cash.  The drawings were a great hit and slowly over time I received more requests for personal commissions for gifts and special keepsakes. From there my confidence grew and I started Originals In Pencil.  


Recently, I have extended my range to include watercolour paintings, this is a whole new medium and so incredibly different to the precise work of pencil.  I love the soft muted colours and how the paints interact and bleed with one another.  The unpredictability of it and how the paint deciding its positioning always leads to the most fascinating results.


The most touching part of my work is seeing and hearing my client's reaction.  To hear comments such as  "I will treasure this forever" and "It was the best present under the tree" and to see faces light up and even shed a tear makes the many hours I commit to this so very worth it.


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to commission a pencil or watercolour portrait for someone special, or maybe even a little treat for yourself!  I'd be delighted to help.

Me with my blind cat Peaches



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